Brave Ad World Podcast - Episode 200

It's hard to believe, but Episode 200 of the Brave Ad World Podcast is here!

This week’s headlines: Apple Takes Multimedia Approach at WWDC, Twitter Streamlines Conversations, Twitter Allows for Targeting by App Installs, Twitter Removing Character Limit from Direct Messages, Facebook News Feed Algorithm Factors in Time Spent, Twitter Launching Autoplay Videos, Pinterest Launches Verified Accounts and Improved Search, Instagram Updates Search and Explore and Twitter Curates Shopping.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Cuts Off API Access to Multiple Microsoft Products, Facebook Sends Out Beacons to Promote Place Tips, Instagram Updates Design of Web Profiles, Ello To Launch Mobile App, Twitter Allows for Landscape Videos, Facebook Messenger Gets Its First Game, Dick Costolo Steps Down from Twitter CEO Position, Facebook Launches Moments App, YouTube Launches Twitch Competitor, Facebook Image Recognition Tech No Longer Needs to See Faces, Facebook Previews Immersive Video Ad Units, Publishers Prep to Launch Facebook Instant Articles in the Coming Days, Facebook Testing Auto-Populating Lead Gen Forms and Snapchat Introduces New Ad Unit. 

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Social Commerce’s Tipping Point

Commerce on social channels is at a major tipping point. It’s going to succeed, or it’s going to fail. And we’ll know which soon enough. Commerce on social platforms is nothing new. Some brands launched storefronts on their Facebook pages years ago. For a variety of reasons, these never took off, and in today’s environment of Facebook tabs being deemphasized, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

Now, we’re entering the new era of social commerce as platforms roll out native commerce solutions. Pinterest now has Buyable Pins, enabling anyone to buy a product they see on Pinterest directly on the platform. Instagram is improving its ads by adding options for users to ‘Buy Now,’ as well as take other actions. Google is introducing a buy button in search results, while adding a click-to-shop CTA to YouTube videos. Then we have both Facebook and Twitter testing buy buttons of their own.

Social commerce is the new video. Everyone’s doing it.

Brave Ad World - Episode 199

Episode 199 of the Brave Ad World Podcast is here!

This week’s headlines: GIFs Come to Facebook, Pew Research Finds Facebook is Primary Political News Source for Millennials, Instagram Adding CTA Buttons to Ads and Pinterest Launching Buyable Pins.

The week’s news quick hits: Facebook Sets Up Encryption for Notification Emails, Foursquare Users Soon Able to Order Rides from Uber, Facebook Working on Tool to Help Community Managers Respond, SoundHound Launches Hound Personal Assistant App, Ello Launches ‘Love’ Button, Swarm Allows Users to Message Friends of Friends and Facebook Launches Facebook Lite. 

Check it out! And after you listen, let us know what you think! You can get this episode and many others in the podcast section, and be sure to subscribe via iTunes.

Mobile Messaging and Bringing Social’s Promise Full Circle

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms have experienced impressive user growth, some more than others. But growth across the board has slowed among what we think of as traditional social networks. Mobile messaging platforms are quickly gaining traction and building massive user bases.

Mary Meeker has predicted that “messaging apps will become the primary digital media channel for most consumers in many countries within the next two years, they will subsume social platforms in that social platforms will morph into messaging apps."

LINE, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk and other messaging apps are quickly gaining share of consumers’ time and attention.