Filtered Facebook and Unbridled Twitter

There are no words for what is going on right now from events in Ferguson, Missouri to the death of Robin Williams and even to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and events in the Middle East. It's a lot to take in, and this blog isn't about breaking down the larger and more important meaning behind these events, but it is about how they are coming to life — online in powerful, tragic and even humorous ways.

These represent what is best about online communities in the way they add speed and reach to incredibly important messages. Of course, this comes with trolls, organizations like ISIS that post horrific images to get their message out and, of course, everyday cyberbullying. Online reflects offline with a back-and-forth between the best and worst of what humanity has to offer.

People have flocked online to update each other on what is going on, grieve, share news, comment on current events and show their support for worthy causes, and all of this is taking place in the most critical piece of social real estate from a marketing perspective — feeds. 

Events are unfolding on Facebook News Feeds and Twitter Timelines, and as marketers we can learn a lot from how conversations are unfolding. 

Brave Ad World - Episode 168

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This week’s headlines: The New Foursquare App Launches, Twitter Introduces Objective-Based Campaigns, Facebook Bans Like-Gating, Twitter Launches Promoted Videos Beta and Facebook Launches Conversion Tracking Tool for Ads.

The week’s news quick hits: Twitter Starts Initial Flock to Unlock Campaign, YouTube Acquires Directr, Gmail Makes Unsubscribing Easier, Pinterest Launches Messaging Feature, Square Launches Appointments, Flipboard Launching Video Ads and Yahoo Launching Self-Serve Ad Buying Platform.

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Things I’ve Learned from Lately #86

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